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Friendship Farms & Fare Friendship Farms & Fare is a no-waste, no-kill, urban micro-farm. All produce from our gardens and groves is grown using organic, permaculture methods. We start our plants from seed, using organic seed (and whenever possible local seeds and/or heirloom seeds), we use traditional methods of soil enrichment and plant empowerment (composting and vermiposting), and we use only rainwater or well water. We never use GM seeds, pesticides, or synthetic additives, or growth hormones. The Gardens & Groves is located in a certified National Wildlife "backyard habitat," and an officially recognized "Florida Friendly Yard" (as certified by the University of Florida Extension Service and Institute of Food and Agricultural Services). This CSA is "Farmer-based," meaning shareholders pay the farmer in advance of the planting; assuring shareholders an equal share of the harvest, and an equal share in the risks of the venture. Shareholders have no other responsibilities to the farmer or the farm, although once or twice each season shareholders are given the opportunity to participate in farm workdays. The farmer's responsibility is to supply shareholders with their share of whatever the farm produces. Shareholders receive produce to the extent the venture is successful. A small yield will mean a small share; a large yield will mean a large yield. Failure (as with a freeze) means shareholders will not receive any produce for that cycle. The University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences publishes an excellent document on CSAs. If you are interested in a nice professionally written account of what at CSA is and how it works, please review the UF document. See: Shares are offered on a first-come-first served basis. Unlike a large-scale CSA, this project does not propose to supply shareholders with large quantities of produce or agricultural products on a weekly basis. At present, our growing space is quite small (about 3000 sq. feet), but complemented by a developing "food forest?" (the groves in our title). We have recently acquired additional growing space to expand the gardens and groves -- a 7500 sq. ft. parcel (about 1/5 of an acre). Despite our small size, shareholders may expect significant quantities of select fruits and vegetables in specific seasons (e.g., broccoli, grapefruit, oranges, loquats, sweet potatoes, okra, and various herbs). In addition, and depending on environmental conditions, we supply shareholders with small but regular quantities of other types of produce in specific growing seasons (e.g., tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, various herbs, purslane, and other fruits and vegetables). We have always done very well with broccoli; in fact our G&G Gulf Coast Calabrese Broccoli is listed in Seed Savers Exchange. Our broccoli is grown from seeds saved from broccoli grown here since 2008. As far as we can tell, it is the only broccoli fully acclimated to Florida -- at least the Central Gulf Coast (Springs Coast Watershed) of Florida. Shareholders also receive a 20% discount on all other items offered by the Gardens & Groves (e.g., seedlings, planting supplies, small trees and shrubs, vermipost, compost, and other items). In addition to produce and other items supplied directly by the Gardens and Groves, shareholders in the CSA receive regular notice of opportunities to acquire agricultural products from local organic farms and gardens, and artisan food producers. These products will include eggs, honey, jams, relishes, and so on. Of special note is the cooperative relationship the Gardens & Groves has with Tarry Lane Kitchens, a local organic kitchen specializing in Vegan cuisine. Non-share produce (not grown at the Gardens & Groves) and other non-share products offered by the Gardens & Groves are available to shareholders for 20% off the share price. All products are locally grown, manufactured, crafted, or otherwise produced, unless unavailable locally (e.g. cowpots and solar head-lamps); all food items are produced using organic and (in the case of chickens and bees) humane husbandry methods. All food products come from within seven miles of New Port Richey, Florida.

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