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I love California land. Now is the time to buy. I found my farm and can help you find one too. I am a Real Estate Broker #01411579. Felicity Lazo Keller Williams I specialize in gardens and farms. Starter farms on a small lot or several acres. I know good land, sun orientations and local crops and water issues. Let me help you find your starter farm, retirement or resort proprety. Nipomo is famous for their climate. Best in the Nation. 70 degree weather much of the yr. We have many wholesale nurseries in the area. Undiscovered coastal temperate land, again afforadable. Call me for a tour. Local Attractions: Like to birdwatch or hike? The beach is only 6 miles away. Right next to San Luis Obispo, Las Padres Forest, Lopez Late. Next door is the Historic Dana Adobe established in 1836, this is Chumash territory. I am the founding board member for the Nipomo Native Garden. I belong to the Cal Rare Fruit Growers and The SLO Botanical Garden. I belong to several sustainable farm/harvest sites. Some of things I need help with (pick a project that best suits you): 1.Mosiac garden walls and pathways 2. Create Campsites: clearing, building human habitations from willow and fabric (botanical architecture), haybale huts, bottle walls 3. Tree house in one of the big oak trees 4. Trail making 5. Irrigation 6. Establishing a Bird Sanctuary by the creek 7. Gardening: Plant labeling, Trail making, Transplanting, Plant propagation 8. Fence: welding metal fencing, building fences by weaving sticks together 9.Yard maintence 10. Installation of Solar Fan in Greenhouse This is a very free place. I am interested in alternative living, sustainable ideas, art, and nature. This is the perfect place to explore some of your ideas (look on the internet for research, and DO it). Have garden ideas? Want to start a butterfly habitat? This is the place for you. Writers, Photographers, Artists, Musicians, Gardeners, Travelers, and Explorers... come live your dream and help me with mine. I am not looking to supervise you. So, please be a self starter that likes to investigate and problem solve. This is a small family farm. Our goal is to be a self-sustaining farm. We are on a slight hill working down the hill in perma culture. WE have a small creek that runs thru the property. I am developing a bird santuary on the bottom land which floods every 10 yrs or so so can be used for annuals and natives. I experiment with finding boutique fruits , fuju persimmon, pomegranates, guavas and macadamia nut seems to prosper best on the site. Looking for interns who have the joy of gardening/farming. I plant for migratory birds bees butterflies, restoring habitat and planting for myself and my animals. We have a bee hive in the old oak tree. Jasmine hedges are a garden delight. Wonderful sunrise view of California golden rolling hills in the central coast of California. 6-10 miles to the beach. Paradise on earth. Our ranch house is roomy and clean, gated patios for animal safety and pleasure.

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