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Start a Family Tradition close to home, come to Coppal House Farm! Coppal House Farm is a 78-acre diversified family farm located on State highway Route 155 in Lee, NH. Sheep are rotationally grazed on the pastured fields. Hogs are raised on grains grown on the property. Heritage breed laying hens and roasters free range in selected areas. Belgian Draft horses plow and work the fields. A variety of crops are rotated around the farm from row crops to small grains, corn and oilseed. The public is encouraged to purchase farm fresh products from the farm stand and partake in the fall activities of the sunflower festival, corn maze, and pumpkin harvest. Our products include: pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, cold-pressed non-gmo sunflower oil, pumpkins, and a variety of summer and winter vegetables, which can be purchased at the farm, through our summer CSA in conjunction with Wake Robin Farm, or at a number of farmer's markets in both summer and winter. For an up to date listing of the farmer's markets we attend, please visit our website. Coppal House Farm holds itself to high standards, trying to keep all of its vistas scenic and beautiful. The animals are healthy and active, and the buildings are well maintained and upgrades are part of the growth plans for the farm. Guests always comment on the beauty of the farm. This farm has been in existence since the 1740's and we try to maintain its historical integrity with modern functionality.

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