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The Organic Blueberry Ranch offers fresh, frozen and U-Pick blueberries, all USDA and ICO certified organic. Picking season usually begins in July (ready-picked and pick your own). The rest of the year, we're closed except for special pop-up sales for our frozen berries, frozen pies, jam, and salsa. In the Spring, we also sell blueberry bushes so you can grow your own! Check out our website or Facebook for the most current info. Our convenient location is an easy drive with a rural farm feel. We're minutes from Notre Dame University, South Bend, Elkhart and southern Michigan -- just off exit 83 on the Indiana Toll Road. We offer organized picking with mowed grass fields, a shaded picnic area, modern bathrooms, hand washing sinks with HOT water and a designated parking area. We even have a field shuttle service on our busy days. The Blueberry Ranch first became partially certified organic in 1991. Around the year 2000, considerable studies were completed and the health benefits of blueberries became well known. This information, combined with the "local" food movements increased demand for our organic berries. In 2009, the Blueberry Ranch became 100% certified organic. Local organic blueberries...Pick Often, Buy in Quantity, Eat More! You deserve it.

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