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I mostly sell directly from my home now but also at some local special events and Christmas Bazaars. I offer quality fiber items and herbs, handspun yarn and items made from fiber, including Angora from my bunnies. My own property is only 1/3 acre, it is the most sterile ground that I have ever worked with, but the drainage is outstanding, and the soil can be improved. I sell products grown on my land, made from my animals, and any other fibers and yarns I can get a hold of. I have 1 female French Angora rabbit for sale this spring for $50. In June I will have 2 litters of babies ready to sell. Price varies by quality of their coat. Some pet quality rabbits (no fur) sell for $10 each. I am environmentally friendly, no sprays so the bunnies can eat my lawn and weeds safely.. I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Columbia Basin Fiber Institute. Through this we have classes on shearing animals, processing their fiber, spinning (drop spindle and wheel), weaving on our many looms, crochet and knitting. We do custom work in all areas of processing.

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