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Bee Wilde Bee and Honey Farm / The Reed Family proudly produces local / wild honey. Wild honey is made from nectar that comes from natural wild plants, vegetation and native growth. The production of wild honey is the way honeybees have provided food for man since biblical times and is an important dietary addition. We select pieces of land that are far from subdivisions & neighborhoods, then look for land that is not manicured, land that is kept in a more wild state. This natural vegetation (youpon, wildflowers, rattan, privet, tallow, horsemint, goldenrod and many others) produces a truly amazing honey that is a myriad of many different wild nectars (and pollens) that assists, supports and strengthens your immune system and may ease or even erase symptoms of pollen related allergies. Our honey is always raw, unfiltered and un-pasteurized and wild... Our honey is available at selected stores, for a list of stores that sell Bee Wilde Honey please visit our website.....our honey locator can be used to find a store near you that sells our honey! If you would like to purchase bulk honey, please contact us for details.

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