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Our farm in Benton County, located six miles from downtown Bentonville,Arkansas, was established in 1921 by my grandfather,Grover Bagby. Over the years he raised hogs,chickens,cattle,and apples. My parents,Bill and Bonnah Lyn Anglin raised broiler chickens,beef cattle, and milked a few cows. Smoking hams and selling beef to the public was an ongoing part of the farming operation until the early 1960's. Since 1972,my family and I have been dairy and beef farming. Our two sons are the fourth generation to live and work on the farm. Selling beef from our farm is another way to diversify and continue our farming heritage for the next generation. Anglin Beef is Black Angus cattle born and raised on our farm. The cattle are raised without hormone implants or antibiotics on high quality pasture and grain fed for 6-9 months. There is 100% traceability from birth to table. The beef is USDA inspected,dry aged for 21 days and cryovac packaged and frozen. We will also take custom order for whole,half or quarters of beef.

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