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Palm Beach Creamed Honey Al Salopek and Sierra Malnove, are ethical beekeepers who are leaders in Florida's honeybee industry, with more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in their field. They are dedicated to their bees and sustainable beekeeping practices. The duo's family-owned small business model is to create wholesome, natural, and delicious creamed honey products with the highest level of integrity, and customer service. They produce pure, raw, unfiltered Palm Beach Creamed Honey in a state-of-the-art facility, that is certified in the State of Florida Palm Beach Creamed Honey is made in South Florida on a thirteen-acre family honey farm with over 900 beehives. The native flora and fauna, that their bees freely forage on provide the finest natural honey for your table. The creamed honey is pure, raw, natural honey that undergoes a unique process in very specific conditions, with state-of-the art equipment to create a superior honey product with undetectable, super fine crystals. The honey is smooth with a rich, creamy, texture that spreads like butter, not drippy like commercial, processed honey.

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