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We are a small poultry business that raises pastured chickens for meat using the chicken tractor method. We move them around on native Illinois pasture grasses that has never been treated with pesticides or insecticides. If we have enough orders in the surrounding communities we can have a "drop" on processing day. These chickens are processed in Arthur, IL at Central Illinois Poultry processing. This portion of our business is seasonal; typically April to October. We also have an Illinois Egg License. We sell eggs both through retail and private customers. This is year round but due to the nature of hens we ask that you send an email to verify we have eggs available. Our hens are raised as close to free range as we can get and still remain safe. They have a series of runs to utilize. We are looking to improve our system to allow them freer access in a larger area. We do keep them housed through the winter with access to outside unless the weather conditions are too severe. Not how I like to do it but we need to meet their safety and health needs during inclement weather! Both our meat birds and our egg layers are fed a non-GMO feed, ground for us by Stutzman's in the Arthur, IL area. No animals that are raised by us are ever given antibiotics or any other medication. If the need arises for treatment we use natural methods. This is rare![b/]

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