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Our farm is on 16 acres with lakes and ponds. We use organic practices because our family eats this food. Raising heritage Berkshire pork seemed to be a great fit. Exquisitely marbled and tasty meat! No hormones, no medications. Just the GOOD STUFF! They have never had commercial corn or soy feed. Our pigs live a wonderful life roaming around acreage and enjoying a swim in the lake. We raise tubers and veggies in the fields and let the pigs harvest for themselves. With the supplementation of dairy, scotch grains, pasta, organic flour products, olive oil, veggies, fruits, and nuts. Our herds of pigs are all very calm. We handle and work amongst them so they have a good relationship with us. Happy contented pigs make for good food. Join with us and taste good well tended pork, the way they should all be raised. No farrow cages, crates etc. Our sows farrow in the forest areas and live with the rest of the herd. They are like a big family working together. Our farm does not yet have farm tours set up. Since we have many sows with piglets we have to be really careful with visitors who might have a cold or be unwell. Pigs are very susceptible to human illnesses and sick pigs are not happy pigs. We have been considering an internship and would be open to suggestions. Come to our Meat Club Events Jack and Sara Kimmich, and family

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