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After nearly 2 years of searching, we finally found and purchased the farm of our dreams in the fall of 2012. Our first season was a success with 4 happy CSA members so we decided to expand the 2014 season to 10 full shares. The shares were snatched up quickly and we had a waiting list for next year. We had to take 2015 off to deal with a construction project but we're back for 2016 with 10 full shares again and local delivery. In 2017 we're going to try the Farm Store approach to give our neighbors access to hyper-local produce without the full commitment of a CSA Share. The store will open from May to October. We'll be raising Chickens, Turkeys and Pigs again this year for meat so get your name on the list for those too. We are currently taking pre-orders for whole pasture raised broilers for $2.50/lbs. They will be 5 to 6 pound birds and will be ready for pick-up in mid-May. Or pick them up at the store if there any left.

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