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Boyer Nurseries & Orchards, Inc. is a five generation family business that has been associated with the fruit industry since 1900, when our founder, W.W. Boyer began to propagate and sell bareroot fruit trees to local customers. The business has expanded over the years such that we ship trees all across the United States. Currently, we have approximately 600 acres in fresh fruit production. The main farm market is located in an original barn built in 1907. While maintaining fruit orchards, a nursery, a garden center, and a farm market - our family has also tried to keep an eye on ecology by utilizing approved conservation practices; not only in preserving the soil and environment, but in limiting sprawl. We have been building our farm for over a hundred years and hope to continue passing our land through the next generations. Fresh fruit season begins approximately June 15-20th with pick-your-own Cherries and Blueberries. For those who don't wish to climb ladders, Boyers offers fresh cherries picked by our staff. The types of cherries vary from Black Tartarian to the Napolean varieties, Gold, and everyone's favorite, the big black Bings. After cherry season, peaches, plums, apricots and nectarines fill the barn with a wonderful aroma. Also available are fresh vegetables and a great selection of jams, jellies, cheese, and sauces. Peach season hits full stride mid-August, accompanied by plums, sweet corn, cantaloupe and watermelons. The end of summer brings Bartlett, Seckel, Gorham and Bosc pears, as well as the early apple varieties such as Rambo, Lodi, Transparent,Gala and the new Zestar. With the advent of fall, Boyers fills the barn with many different varieties of apples (including heirloom varieties), pumpkins, squash, gourds, and indian corn. Sample our own fresh cider made with a special blend of apples while you browse. Venture out into the orchard and pick-your-own apples for a family adventure. For the holiday season, consider picking up a Boyer fruit basket. Overflowing with fresh apples right from our own orchards, juicy citrus fruit and nuts. For those who live out of the area, we also ship one or two-layer apple gift boxes anywhere in the USA. Please visit our farm nestled in the heart of the scenic South Mountain Fruit Belt!

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