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We are a small family farm and aspiring mini homestead. On our farm we raise alpacas and use their fiber to be made into hypoallergenic, warm, outerwear. While we got our start with alpacas, we decided we wanted to be able to provide more for ourselves and add value to our community. You will often find us at farmers markets and other community events with a few alpacas to offer up a chance to touch alpacas and learn more about them. Many times ita???s these same people that book farm tours so they can be fully immersed in a herd of alpacas!! Tours are seasonal and must be booked in advance. In order to provide high quality food for our family and our community we pasture raise chicken. Our Chickens never receive antibiotics so you can feel good about feeding your family flavorful, nutrient dense chicken. Finally, we have heritage turkey available for the holidays. Heritage turkey is turkey how it was intended to be, full of flavor!!

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