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DOUBLE DIAMOND RANCH ? Organic/ Grass-fed Lamb and Beef is a family farm located in the high-desert foothills of the Wallowa Mountains in northeastern Oregon. Our pastures are irrigated by snowmelt from the Eaglecap Wilderness. We have been certified organic by Oregon Tilth since June 2000. Naturally? NO: hormones, antibiotics, by-products, GMO?s, feedlot, or irradiation. Our annual crop of about 250 lambs and 25 beef is harvested from late July thru September which captures the meat at its prime off grass. The animals are processed at a USDA inspected, organically certified plant. To maximize tenderness and flavor beef carcasses are hung (dry aged) three weeks and lambs one week the cuts of meat are cryovaced and deep frozen. We feature the usual domestic cuts of lamb and beef as well as sub-primal cuts of beef. Frozen meat is available year-round but the selection gets more limited as the season progresses. Orders may be placed by phone, e-mail, and regular mail and are shipped almost anywhere in US at customer?s expense. Prairie Creek Farm can include our meat in their weekly deliveries of produce to restaurants in Portland, Oregon.

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