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Blue Rock Station is a sustainable living farm located in southeast Ohio. Thousands of visitors have toured the farm since it was opened to the public in 2005. Programs include natural health care for goats, cheese making, natural gardening with raised beds, alternative building construction (rammed-earth tires and straw bale), and more. There are rare breed chickens, French Alpine milk goats, llamas, and sometimes pigs that make up the livestock family. An internship program is available for learning the aspects of sustainable living. Monthly open house tours are listed on the website. Products for sale include weaving willow and pussy willow plants, weaving willow canes, eggs, pullets, llama poo (for making plant tea), how-to booklets on subjects taught at the farm, and sometimes mint, produce or whatever is available from the garden. Books include GREEN TECHNOLOGY PRACTICES AND CONCEPTS, WHEN THE BIOMASS HITS THE WIND TURBINE, and THE JOURNEY TOWARDS NOTHING.

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