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7th Heaven Farm is NJ first CORN, SOY & GMO FREE meat and egg producer. The farm is organically and holistically managed, and our animals come first -- this is a humane farm. Our products have always been CHEMICAL, PRESERVATIVE, HORMONE AND STEROID FREE, and we have never used harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. We provide humanely raised, transported and processed, non GMO/Organic, pastured (real grass fed and truly free ranging) chicken, duck, turkey, beef, rose' veal, pork, lamb, rabbit and eggs. The Farm is a licensed manufacture of non GMO/organic, corn and soy free livestock and poultry feeds. Rations are available for all stages of life for chicken, game bird/pheasant, swine/pig, sheep, goat, horse and cattle. Purchase by the 50 bag or ton. Wholesale customers and distributors welcome. At 7th Heaven Farm LLC, the animals are never confined; they are free to exhibit their natural behavior. The health and happiness of our animals is most important. Our farm is about the humane treatment of the animals. We believe that their health and happiness is a product of their environment, diet and treatment. Accordingly, we strive to provide them with a clean environment where they can exhibit their natural behavior; a natural diet that promotes healthy growth and thus flesh; and a loving, safe home where they feel secure and relaxed. The animals are processed and butchered humanely at a small, family owned, very clean and Animal Welfare Approved facility. The cuts are individually wrapped, labeled and flash frozen. Purchase by the cut, in affordable small packages or in bulk orders. Our goal is to provide consumers with top quality meats and eggs. Please check the website for products, pricing, ordering procedures and delivery options. No phone calls please.

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