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Frolona Farm has been in the Davis family for well over 100 years. It is a beautiful and timeless place, nestled in the rolling hills of west central Georgia. We strive everyday to live up to our obligations to this land. We believe in honest work to produce good food. Frolona Farm is Certified Naturally Grown that means we use no pesticides, no herbicides, no synthetic fertilizers. We grow our food as healthily and sustainably as we can. The food we grow for you is the food we eat! We grow an assortment of fruits, vegetables and herbs and we also wild harvest an assortment of berries that grow wild here on the farm. Come see us at one of the Farmers Markets we attend and try it for yourself. The property has SEVERAL old structures. The General Store (now turned into a library), the smoke house, chicken house, cotton house, blacksmith shop, truck house and car house. Its really like living back in time here! We believe happy cows are critical to delivering a healthy, sustainable and delicious meat to your table. Our cows are 100% grassfed and grass finished, they are fed no corn whatsoever. This makes the meat much higher in Omega 3's and CLA's and it also makes it tasty and tender. We also practice rotational grazing techniques which is not only better for the cows but better for the grass and the soil as well. We raise Heritage breed pigs and Heritage breed turkeys. They have acres of pasture and woods to roam and forage in and their diet is supplemented with a small amount of grain. The heritage breeds tend to forage much more than conventional breeds and this more varied diet leads to a healthier, tastier meat. Here at Frolona Farm we play instruments and build them too. Josh builds acoustic instruments of all sorts and specializes in building one off, custom instruments, working with each customer on every detail to build the instrument of their dreams.

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