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AlAnn Ranch is a family run alpaca ranch in northern Arizona's mountains. We breed and sell hardy alpacas and Angora goats: (for breeders, pets, fiber animals, fleece, yarns and rovings, batts, hides, handmade items, meat, manure); Muscovy ducks: (meat, pets, breeders & eggs); and keep a flock of laying hens. We are a great place to find alpaca or Angora fleece, hides and processsed and handmade products -- or that fuzzy friend you've been looking for, manure for your garden, a different fresh egg, or food for your next BBQ. We are looking for an intern for Summer 2015. NAU and Prescott are only an hour away. We offer mentoring for all live animal sales, and hands-on instruction for humane slaughter, animal husbandry, and handling. Call to schedule your weekend get-away to visit our animals for sale (qualified buyers only). As members of the Natural Fiber Producers (NFP) Cooperative, Ann is a Certified Sorter(TM) and offers skirting and grading services for alpaca fiber. We are also members of the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool (NEAFP), the Natural Fiber Producers co-operative (NFP), North American Suri Cooperative Company (NASURICO), and the Alpaca Blanket Project. We have added custom handmade felted alpaca hats as part of our alpaca product line. Visit us: at the Ranch in April, 2015 for alpaca shearing; [li]at the Pioneer Museum the first full weekend in June, 2015 for the Flagstaff Fiber Festival; during National Alpaca Farm Days September 27-28, 2014; and see the new Farm store.

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