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PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO MAKE SURE WE ARE AT HOME/MARKET AND THAT EGGS ARE AVAILABLE. 520-825-9066 Our chickens are hand-raised with no antibiotics, naturally organic, cage-free and free range. This means they are only locked into a chicken coop at night because of predators and have open boxes for laying in the coop. Our 50 hens and three roosters have the run of an acre of land with natural forage supplemented with GMO-free feed. We also add organic, GMO-free fruits and vegetables to their diet. Our eggs are various sizes and colors as we have various heritage breeds. We only use organic soaps for cleaning the eggs and we do not sand down or smooth the natural shells or bleach them. We sell our eggs by the dozen from our location for $6.00. If you cannot make it into Catalina to pick up your eggs, we are in the City most Wednesdays and can make reasonable arrangements for delivery. Please use the phone number, 825-9066, instead of email - don't always get to the email right away.

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