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At Goldpetals, we grow calendula flowers and produce aromatic oils, salves and lotions. We also sell dry and fresh flowers, and herbs. Located on 35 acres of fields, wetlands and forests, Goldpetals uses no pesticides or herbicides. We practice organic farming methods. Goldpetals is a member of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association, Northeast Herbal Association and Pride of New York. We sell dried and fresh calendula flowers, fresh and dry herbs, aromatherapy botanical oils, lotions, tinctures, salves and creams, hydrosols and other herbal products. Fresh calendula flowers are available through September, and dried flowers are available year round. We sell live herb plants in June and July. Coming events include plant walks, art and nature classes for kids, food as medicine talks and spa days. Plant walks identify plants, mushrooms and trees in this environment, and talks focus on the medicinal and culinary properties of various plants, as well as related folk lore. Classes and events are offered throughout the year.

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