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The Delvin family has been growing vegetables on our family farm for over 30 years. Producing quality vegetables and providing our customers with safe and nutritious food products has always been our philosophy. We have always felt that using sustainable agricultural practices such as conservation tillage, erosion control, crop rotations and organic practices has aided us in protecting our natural resources. Though we have practiced sustainable agriculture for many years, we felt the consumer wanted to be certain of the means by which their food is produced. For this reason, we were inspected and became Certified Organic producers. We provide local organic markets in the Nashville area with the high quality produce that consumers expect. Our Community Supported Agriculture Program is 900 members strong and growing. Our shareholders receive a half bushel of certified organic produce each week. We grow over 60 varieties of vegetables to please the palet and our boxes of freshly harvested produce delights the eye. A new vegetable is introduced each week along with recipes to add variety and interest to your share. A few surprises accompany your share during the season. Our produce can be seen around the Nashville area. We service Whole Foods in Green Hill and Cool Springs, The Produce Place on Murphy Road, and The Turnip Truck Natural Market in East Nashville. You may also visit us many of the best farmers markets in the area. We ship our produce to local wholesalers who serve the Nashville area restaurants as well. Our Farm or produce has been featured in The Nashville Tennessean, The Nashville Scene, The City Paper, Williamson A.M., Health and Wellness Magazine, The Beacon, local news channels 2, 4, and 5, Nashville Public Radio, and Tennessee Crossroads. Join us for our CSA 2013 season and get the best organic produce our farm can produce.

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