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We started raising grass fed cattle for ourselves in 1999 because I knew that beef from a grocery store was not fit for human or animal consumption. Today we sell grass fed/hay meat from our steers to friends and the public when available. We have had an abundance of bulls and few heifers in the last two years. When processing our steers we save the best steaks and all the rest of the meat is made into hamburger so more people can afford the benefits of grass fed beef with its beneficial fatty acids and trace minerals. Our breed of cows are Lowline Angus/Angus cross. Lowlines are known for their docile nature and their superior grass finishing meat. Our animals will grade high choice and low prime and they have never seen any grain. We also have heifers/bred cows available from time to time. There are few grassfed genes left in the USA as most of the breeding in the last 50 years has been for large mutant cows that can only grow with grain. The market place has been dominated by Land Grant Colleges and industrial food manufactures like IBP, Cargill, and ConAgra. There concern was for profit for them, not for the farmer or for a quality product for the consumer. We have added organic chickens that feed on grass and organic feed - no GMOs. We did this to get fertilizer for fields and healthy eggs to sell to the public that cares about their health and nutrition. We are part of the change for small farmers and rightous food for people.

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