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Beartown farms supplies healthy grass fed lamb and beef. we are situated in the"lake effect" zone east of lake ontario - an outstanding location for a grass farm. Forty inches of rain, cool summers, and water holding soils enable us to grow excellent forages without chemical fertilizers or herbicides. With more than 650 acres of meadows and pastures, the sun provides all the energy required to sustain our farm operations. in order to efficiently manage the land for our animals, we practice rotational grazing and harvest all of our winter feed as hay and grass silage. The farm is home to more than 500 dorp-croix hair sheep and 125 angus cattle. Our lamb is for people who don't normally like lamb, as there is no wool lanolin taste to the meat, and angus beef is among the best. sustainable agriculture and healthy grass-fed lamb and beef - it doesn't get better than that. Try some for yourself. Our farm grown lamb and beef are usda inspected, custom cut and vacuum packaged. Cows are sold by the whole, half and split quarters and lamb by the whole. you can contact us to order or arrange a delivery directly to specific locations within the northern new york region. Pick-up at the farm is always welcome. Shipping is also available nationwide.

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