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Bounty Square Farm is a small family run farm in southwest Ohio, about halfway between Cincinnati and Columbus, just outside of the small town of Blanchester Ohio. We started our farm in 2017, sold our first produce in 2018 and our first eggs in 2019. We offer several products related to ducks, bees, produce and gardening/landscaping plants. Some are very common, while others have an Asian flair to them. Aside from our eggs, most items are seasonal and we make announcements on our social media pages when they are about to be available. We ship many products, and offer all thru local pickup. Our farm is managed naturally. We use no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Our ducks are not medicated and no hormones are used. While we take the organic approach, we sell our products at the non-organic prices of other markets, farms, and stores. We have a very personal approach with our customers and as such can deliver better service than many other larger businesses. All food products are ours. We do not resell any food products, however we may resell some gardening related items from time to time when we can offer them to our customers at low prices.

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