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BELLA'S BARN IS NOW OPEN: OUR EXTENDED HOLIDAY HOURS ARE: THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY FROM 10 AM TO 4PM. We have lots of handicrafts, hand-made baskets, glass works, wreaths, candles, and our soaps, woolens, etc. All items are hand-crafted right here at Adobe Farm. COME AND VISIT US! At this time we are not set up for credit card sales; as we always say: "Bring a small 'wad' of cash, and we'll see what you find!" When in season our small store also features our hand-raised produce, duck, goose, & chicken eggs, dairy, cheese, raw honey, We are a small Nubian Dairy Goat farm, raising purebred, registered Nubians. Our animals are disease-free, parasite-free, and well cared for. All babies are hand-reared and bottle-fed. This is especially important for disease prevention in does, but also for easy handling of our goats. They are friendly and tame. . CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION ON 2021 BABIES - there are still 5 bucklings for sale. Anyone interested in purchasing pure-bred babies, please contact us at 817-598-0597. We are cheese makers - all kinds. We garden in a very specific way - our 'Circle Garden' method will increase yields in very small spaces. A book on the subject has been published by A&M University Press - search for "Circle Gardening" by Ken Spaeth. Please study our BLOG site and learn about some of the aspects of conscientious goat-keeping. We are dedicated to creating the best possible environment for our animals and are particularly interested in teaching our methods. We are continuously improving our farm output, and have been successful in establishing our densely-farmed acreage as a well-known teaching farm.

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