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Dutch Barn Farm is a historic farmstead in the Mohawk Valley established in the early 1800s. Marc and Judy decided in 2009 that a good way to give back to the community was to restore and renew the historic farm. Barns have straightened and fallow fields have been mowed, hayed and grazed. There's still a long way to go, but new life is being breathed into old land. With 95 acres of fields and pastures, our diversied farm focuses on producing high quality local produce and grass fed lamb and chicken for people who care about what they eat and how it is produced. We currently raise sheep and some vegetables for sale direct to consumers. Our ewes are Dorset/Ile de France crosses who lamb in April and May from purebred Texel rams. We process them to order in October and November. Treat yourself to delicious lamb from Dutch Barn Farm in Montgomery County in the Mohawk River Valley. These fat tail lambs were born in April and May and grown on our family farm. We use rotational pasture rearing to ensure their welfare and protect the environment. This lamb is up to 10,000 miles fresher than imported meat! Lambs can be purchased as whole or half lamb. A whole lamb is 45-60 pounds of meat, a half is 22-30 pounds. Your lamb will be cut, frozen, packaged, and marked. A whole lamb will need about 2 cubic feet of freezer space. We have standard cut packages or we can help you to arrange custom cuts if you prefer. Order yours today. Our price is $6 per pound for whole lambs and $7 per pound for half lamb. Cost of cutting and wrapping is an additional $50 to $70. Cuts can be made to your specifications. Our chickens are the Freedom Ranger breed - the American version of birds used in the French "Label Rouge" programs. They are active, they are healthy. They spend their summer scratching in fields and seaching for bugs and tasty greens. Come by and see how a chicken is meant to live. While you're here, pick up a fresh bird for dinner. These birds taste like the best of the NY countryside. We also grow some hops are based on NY variety long-since lost to commercial production. This farm grew hops in the early 1900s. We are reviving the variety that has survived for many winters in the hedgerows. If you want organic, NY beer, start with organic NY hops. We grow vegetables, mainly asparagus, without commercial fertilizers or pesticides. We're not cetified organic - but our practices match those of the programs. We are committed to producing the best quality food in the best ways. Check out our web page

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