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Big Oaks Ranch runs a small herd (10) of Black Brangus mama cows. Calves are weaned in the summer and finished on grass for slaughter at 20-22 months of age. Our target goal is to produce and market INTEGRITY BEEF, grass-fed for healthy, tender, tasty meat that is free of supplemental hormones and antibiotics. This requires a good team and close on site management of genetics, health, quality grasses and legumes. We are achieving this goal through the organic planning (not certified); genetic testing, selective breeding, and grass farming. INTEGRITY BEEF means Organic Grass-fed Beef that is consigned, slaughtered & custom packaged. The customer observes and directs their grass-fed beef as it is cut and packaged at Gentry Farms Meat Market in Henderson TX. The ranch store also sells Beef already cut and packaged. The Big Oaks Ranch Goat herd has grown to over 100 head. They eat weeds, briars, and brush; they keep the trees pruned, and provide organic fertilizer everywhere they graze. Customers came to buy the goats for breeding and meat. This led to the target goal of Grass Fed Bohr-Cross Goats. In the spring of 2004 Carletta purchased a Bohr buck for breeding. The fall and spring kidding has produced our first Bohr-Cross goats. We screened these kids, selecting the best does for herd nannies to selectively breed the Winter of 2005 to a new registered boar buck. In 2009 we again selected the best does and bred to a new neubian buck. They graze free-range and are ready for sale by private treaty purchase or consignment by the head or by the pound. Big Oaks Ranch began raising chickens in the fall of 2001. Soon we were receiving calls requesting "yard eggs," laid by free-range/pastured hens that graze the pastures and fields freely. The eggs are of superior quality and free from added hormones, feed fillers, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides. The hens roost and lay the eggs in mobile coops with laying boxes that are cleaned every day. The chicken litter is recycled through the ranch compost pile. The coops are moved every 2 - 3 days. This maintains a clean and healthy environment for the animals and is a natural and organic means of fertilization. Big Oaks Ranch raises registered paint horses (APHA, American Paint Horse Association). We breed for color, disposition, and cow sense. Our foals are imprinted at birth by Danny and Carletta. They are trained through the kindergarten phase by Carletta and Danny. Danny finishes the training using techniques of Charles O. Williamson. We produce horses that love to be around people and want to please their master. We train our horses up to herding cattle and roping familiarity. We work our cows with the new 2 year olds. New owners must finish Big Oaks Ranch horses into roping, cutting, dressage, or trail and pleasure horses.

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