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I was raised on a 200 acre truck farm and as a kid my grandfather, dad, and uncles all farmed. Raise cows, trees, worms, and field crops. Sweet corn, peas, okra, tomatoes, squash, peppers, onions, cucumbers, and all kinds of other garden goodies. I now live in Ruston, La and farm in raised beds and containers. I use the highest quality soil and seed for fantastic fruit! "Farming this way allows me to try heritage and heirloom varieties as well as old stand-byes. With no weeds and small beds allow the plants to get all the power of good soil into the fruit. 100 % control of the garden makes for the best results. No need for pesticides and fertilize when you use natural compost and worm castings and two fingers to pull up the weeds. 2011 will be our first year of natural farming on our family farm. We will farm about 2 acres of row crop vegetables for sale to the public. I use worm castings for soil amendments and also make "tea" to spray as a foliar fertilizer. The plants are out growing their space like crazy. They seem to be sweeter and less diseased with no other spraying. With high prices being what what they are, my family will be eating home grown produce more than ever. My sons are 9& 7 and are great help in the garden if they will let the stuff get ripe first! We are in the middle of making Mayhaw and Dewberry jelly now and the crop looks great!

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