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We are a small family owned farm new to farming, but very concerned with where our food comes from. We raise pasture raised chickens and pigs. Our broilers are raised outside in moveable, bottomless pens to be able to eat grass and bugs the way chickens should live. These birds are processed right here on our farm so there is less stress for the animal. Our laying hens are outside on pasture from the time they are around three weeks old. From then on they are out in the sunshine and fresh air for the rest of their lives. All our chickens are no-antibiotic, no-hormone, and no-GMO animals. We also raise pastured pigs. Our heritage breed Berkshire pigs are raised outside from the time they are born. These pigs are no-antibiotic, no-hormone, no-animal by-products and no-GMOs. We also raise turkeys seasonally, contact us for more info. Job 12:7 But ask the animals and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK.....:):)

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