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Brady's Plant Ranch is a family farm located in beautiful Marsh Valley of Southeastern Idaho. Owned and operated by John and Karen Brady. We are a true family farm. Ours is an extension of Grandfather's and Father's farm operated here since 1942. We now operate a grass based natural beef farm along with a greenhouse operation. Our products include grass finished beef, vegetables, vegetable plant starts, bedding plants, hanging baskets, and floral services. All of this is based in the philosophy of healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy (and happy) people. John and Karen's experience and training include dairy, agronomic consulting, registered nurse, beef cattle, sheep, horticulture, landscape design, floral design, multiple college degrees. All of this has brought us to this point where we are working sustainably as possible with nature, not trying to force a highly subsidized factory farm approach. Besides our market here in Virginia (Downey), Idaho, we have stocked beef freezers in Pocatello, Idaho, Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Pleasant Grove, Utah. We also serve all the area that we can reach with 2 day ground UPS. This includes most of the US from Colorado west to California. We invite all to come tour the greehouses and farm. We also market through the Southeast Idaho Farmers Market in Pocatello, Idaho, and The Idaho Falls Growers Market in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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