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2014 Will be an exciting year for us as we are going to offer a few shares from our garden. Our garden although not certified organic is grown without the use of any chemical or pesticides and all our vegetables are of the heirloom varieties. Starting small we would like to offer between 20-25 full shares, half shares will be available as well. We will have pick up at the farm, Thursday drop off in Warren and Saturday morning drop off in Waterford/Clarkston. We will be raising chicken, turkey and duck for our customers as well as some pork and beef for the fall. Due to some changes on the farm we are still trying to determine what we will have available with the larger livestock. We also have free range chicken and duck eggs available most times during the warmer months. Although we have less during the winter we still have some available, call us to find out! We are a small hobby farm that strives to be self sustainable. We also sell goats milk soap made from our own Alpine goats milk. Please feel free to give us a call and stop by for a visit

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