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Eighth Day Farm is a quasi-urban farm seeking to educate local residents on food issues while offering CSA shares. Our farming philosophy at Eighth Day Farm is to avoid all synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides. We see the farm as part of a delicate ecosystem which, though we shape with our planting and picking, we honor with techniques that promote the biological diversity that brings balance and wholeness. We see the farm as natural habitat, complete with soil, air, water, bacteria, insects, and birds alongside herbaceous and woody plant life. In honoring our Creator we hold to a land ethic that builds a living soil through less tilling, more cover cropping and green manures, thoughtful crop rotations, and diverse cropping. Agriculture in the hands of purely business and utilitarian minded folks quickly loses sight of the gift of land: it is a resource to be shared, not exploited for personal gain. We have a half acre in the City of Holland on 29th Street and 2 acres at the Holland Town Center off James Street. We are offering 150 shares for the summer of 2018. There are two pick up days for our CSA located in Holland.

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