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Located just outside Pleasant Hill, Ohio, Canyon Run Garlic is operated by the team of Dale and Gary Ward, and Gary's wife Amy. Dale originally started raising hand-grown, gourmet garlic on a farm he owned in northeast Pennsylvania while working in New York City. When work took him to Florida, he sold the PA farm, but he never lost his yearning to get back into the garlic Gary has owned Canyon Run Ranch for over 30 years, and has had great success both in growing crops and in raising exotic animals. Skilled in woodworking, blacksmithing, and knife making, Gary is always looking for the next challenge and became keenly interested when he and Dale began discussing hand-grown, gourmet garlic. By fall of 2009, discussions and test runs completed, the initial crop of Canyon Run Garlic went into the ground. The 2010 harvest exceeded expectations and the team was off and running on a new, joint venture. We are now waiting for the 2012 crop of scapes from the German Extra Hardy to come on and we will begin marketing those to individuals and restaurants. We anticipate an excellent and early harvest for 2012 and are eager to make our German Extra Hardy, Susanville and California Early available as soon as it is ready. We are sure you will enjoy our gourmet garlic and look forward to helping provide you with great flavors and bad breath for years to come. For the bad breath, try a little fresh parsley. For the great flavors, start with Canyon Run Garlic!

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