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Our Farming Philosophy: Cartermere is focused on producing exceptional food; nothing more, nothing less. When we consider what new endeavors or opportunities to pursue, we filter them through this simple litmus test... will it help us produce great food? Our farm practices reflect our view of nature and our approach to our neighbors and customers. Both deserve to be treated as highly valued and worthy of investing in with integrity. What We Produce: We raise free-range eggs, pastured poultry, grass-fed lamb and seasonal vegetables. Our farm is a diversified farm, constantly working to find marriages in production between our various enterprises. Growing and Feeding Practices: All our birds are pasture raised. Chicks arrive on our farm only hours after hatch. We brood our chickens for three weeks in a controlled environment where they are protected, heated and safe, until they are old enough to self-insulate (feathered) and are big enough to flourish on pasture. Once on pasture the birds are provided continuous fresh water, free-choice non-GMO, organic feed and plenty of fresh air and sunlight. We move our chickens every day so they are given fresh clean forage daily. Visiting our Farm: Since we are a private family farm, we are not open to the public, but do welcome visitors during Family Farm Tours that are offered in the Fall and Spring. Any tour information is listed on our website. We also allow guests to visit the farm and ask questions when picking up any orders made through our online store.

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