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Our family has been raising all natural, grass-fed, grass-finished beef for five generations. We raise our cattle in a holistic and humane environment that promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle for our cows. On our ranch in Como, Colorado, the cattle are free to forage over 70,000 acres of high protein, mountain grasses that result in great tasting, healthy meat. We carefully manage our range land to prevent overgrazing and to create a balance with local wildlife. Being good stewards to the land is just as important as raising quality beef. By using wholesome techniques to manage our cattle, we are effectually helping the range to prosper and improve. All our cows are grass-fed and grass-finished . This means no grains, corn or other unnatural feeds are fed to them. They enjoy a forage-based grass and legume diet. Our cows are free of injected hormones, steroids and antibiotics. No fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides are used. Ordering: You can choose to order a quarter, half or whole beef. Bulk hamburger is also available for individual sale in one pound packages. We can assist you in choosing the right amount for your family and freezer size. If you order a half, after aging, cutting and wrapping, expect to take home 175 - 250 pounds. Typically, 25 - 35 pounds of meat will take up approximately 1 cubic foot of freezer space. Prices will vary depending upon current cattle market prices. Cost is determined by the hanging weight, (the weight of the meat before it is aged, cut, wrapped and frozen) plus butchering fee. We accept cash, check, or credit card. We gladly make our beef available to wholesale distributors and restaurants.

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