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Triple Creek Ranch is located in Southeastern Halifax County, Virginia directly on the North Carolina line just outside of Virgilina. We have been in the beef business at this location since 1977, and have additional pastureland in Granville County, NC where we have raised cattle since the early 1960's. Triple Creek Ranch is a family farm owned and operated by Dr. and Mrs. Henry Poore. At Triple Creek we have been raising and eating our own Angus-based beef for many years, and over the past 18 years we have developed a production system that keeps cattle on pasture their entire lives, and uses primarily forages as the feed base. This program produces beef that is consistently flavorful, juicy, and tender. The Triple Creek Ranch program is certified as part of the Virginia Beef Quality Assurance Program which assures that all our management practices result in the production of safe and healthy beef, and that animal welfare is considered at all times. The cattle are never fed antibiotics, nor do they receive growth promoting hormone implants. We identify every animal at birth, and keep that identification throughout the life of the animal. Blake's Beef is rich in essential nutrients, and is also the most delicious beef available.

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