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Cornerstone Garlic Farm is a small family farm that specializes in garlic. We started in 1996 with a small crop of elephant garlic and expanded each year. For the 2011 season we have nine varieties of garlic planted. We are one of a few farms in the Carolinas that offer seed garlic, braids and table stock garlic thru mail order and local sales. We are Steve and Natalie Foster, our farm is located in Rockingham County, NC near the Caswell County line in the Ashland community. Our Garlic : Since 1996 we have been growing garlic and other produce. Each year we usually grow 10-15 varieties of garlic. We sell green garlic, garlic scapes, heads of garlic, garlic braids and even make our own garlic powder. Our garlic's include hardnecks and softnecks, with some really hot and spicy, others that are sweet and even some that are mild enough to eat raw. We also grow Elephant garlic. Our Vegetables : We also grow shallots and sweet onions as well as a large variety of vegetables. Most of our vegetables are heirlooms and unusual varieties that can't be found at the grocery stores. We also grow shiitake mushrooms on logs. We also grow herbs including lots of basil . Last year we started growing Baby ginger, this year tumeric Our Blackberries: We have "old timey" blackberries -the variety is unknown but they have been past down by family members since the 1930's and they are a bit smaller than the "new" variieties but sweeter and with a true blackberry taste lost in the new varieties. Our Seasonings: We dehydrate some of our garlic and make an awesome garlic powder that is not bitter and can rival fresh garlic in many recipes. We also dehyrate OUR tomatoes, peppers , herbs, mushrooms, ginger, shallots, onions, and other local produce. With these dried herbs, garlic and vegetables we make nineteen seasonings, dip mixes and meat rubs . Our dog biscuits: Our homemade garlic herb dog biscuits, made from our garlic, herbs, eggs, and whole grains our pork stock as well as other heallthy ingredients. Our Pork: We only raise a few pigs at a time ,to give them plenty of foraging space. We Move them to new ground frequently . We supplement their forage with some of our produce ,corn and wheat raised by our neighbor and lastly feed. These pigs also help us around the farm by "tilling, eating weeds and fertlizing our soil". We take our pigs to be processed at Matkins. Our pigs live a good life and then provide us with wonderful pork . Our Chickens: We raise heritage chickens that are at home outside . The chickens get moved to new ground frequently, with their movable house and fencing. They spend their days outside scratching for bugs, worms and eating greens. They also get some our vegetables. They alsoeat corn and wheat grown by our neighbor, and a small amount of feed to make sure they are getting all they need to lay those wonderful rich eggs. They also help us by eatting bugs, weed seeds, and general ground cleaning, prepping our garden spots! We use sustainable and natural practices, using only products on our fields and produce that are OMRI approved.

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