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Bryant Family Farms is your one stop shop for Nutrient Dense High Quality Pastured Poultry. Seek a producer who puts in just as much time in offering their animals a complete forage ration, not settling just for whatever is growing. I served in the U.S. Air Force and certified by the Farmer Veteran Coalition under the Homegrown by Heroes Label. I raise the French Label Rouge (Slower growing, thicker skin and much more flavor than any other broiler breed. Our broiler season runs March-November. So fresh meat from May-November. I raise Royal Palm and Nicolas 500 Turkeys (Reservation now open) and the French Guinea Fowl. If you're looking for Christmas Goose, please remember to reserve yours early In the season. Turkeys can be reserved at any of the Farmers Markets, through email or the phone. We do a limited amount of Muscovy Ducks, Grimaud/Pekin Ducks as well as California/New Zealand Rabbit's. We currently have over 500 laying hens which are raised in a yurt style systems until they start laying, then are free range. Duck, Guinea & Quail eggs are available also. Please email me with any questions you have and I'd be glad too help out with any questions or needed items. Bryant Family Farms LLC serves the Madison, Dubuque, Lacrosse/Rochester, Minneapolis and the Chicago areas. I also participate in farmers markets in Madison. Stop by The Underground Butcher on Willy St for an almost complete selection of BFF Poultry products. Meat or Eggs are also used on the menu of Heritage Tavern, Graft, L. May Eatery, Bistro Campagne, Campagnola, All Grass Farms, Homestead Deli, Zier's Prime Meats, Union Pizzeria, The Heights, Forequarter, The Ugly Apple. Please note that all of our animals are cared for like they are my children. All the animals are completely healthy, and fed a non medicated, no antibiotic feed. Whether you are looking for a large order of birds and eggs whether it's for a weekly or monthly basis please contact for more information. But please remember, these are well fed, Pasture raised friends that deserve to be enjoyed in every way. ******* BFF Poultry Co will be opening up a USDA inspected Value added poultry processing facility in 2020. This facility will allow not only Bryant Family Farms and its customers the ability to have boneless/skinless breasts or Raw pet food and dehydrated dog treats or Poultry Sausage, Ground Poultry. But it will allow other producers to have their poultry broke down.

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