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Hello, We are a small 12 acre farm that recently started in 2011. We have Chickens, Pigs and a few Ducks. August 2014 we will be setting our sites on Breeding German Shepherd AKC registered Puppies. We sell eggs, baby chicks, laying hens and roosters. Also, Pigs about 100 lbs, piglets about 20 lbs. Our chickens are fed laying mesh, cracked corn and free range daily (locked up at night for protection). Our pigs are fed grain and veggies. They have all their tails and ears and are happy. They are wormed with diatomaceous earth wormer. No added hormones or any other pesticides are given to the animals, We keep it as natural as possible. No shipping, but I may be able to meet someone who wants to purchase an animal or eggs. Thank you

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