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***Bread and Roses Farm is for sale!*** We own 3.1 acres, which we've tended organically for the last five years, but one of us has a full-time day job that has forced us to relocate out of state. We have asparagus beds, some fruit trees (Montmorency Cherry, Kirsten dark cherry, Wolf River and Arkansas Black apple), blackberry, red and gold raspberry and black raspberry bushes, rhubarb, herbs and perennial flowers. We have lots of maple trees, which we've tapped for syrup in the past. We have a small barn perfect for poultry or a few goats. Currently, we house a small breeding flock of Muscovy ducks, a mated pair of Bourbon Red turkeys, and various laying hens including Easter Eggers and Blue Orpingtons, and would consider including them in the sale depending on our own prospects. We are one mile from a seasonal farmer's market. Within a few miles of us are a pastured poultry farmer trained by Joel Salatin (Winters Grass Farm), a grass-fed dairy (Synakowski Dairy/Valley View Farm), a seller of pastured beef (Wee Croft), and so on. We're equidistant between Utica (which now has a covered market) and Rome, NY, and there are additional markets in Poland, Clinton, and various other nearby venues. It's a great location! If interested, the listing is above, or you can search our address on Assist2Sell. Our family has been separated for several months already, and we're eager to be together again! Please come see us!

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