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About 37 years ago, I finished agriculture classes at Washington State University. I learned about conventional agriculture and met many students preparing to take over the family farms and orchards but I had no farm to return to. Over the past 22 years I (Larry) have consulted with and worked for food processors and industrial ag operations. In 2008 I had an organic nirvana moment and have since switched to organic practices for farming. In 2012 I purchased a home on 10.25 acres of prime farmland in Orting WA. Typically, I have two cows on pasture followed by 400 pastured laying hens in a leader a?nd follower intensive grazing rotation. I have planted 3900 blueberry bushes and installed trellis and drip irrigation systems and upgraded our well. The blueberries should begin to bear in 2019. I direct-market our products within the local community, Additionally, since I believe that investment in healthy eating is an investment in long-term health, I donate a portion of production to a local food bank. I hope that, for those living under great financial stress, such as many food bank clients, healthy organic food will be a step along a better path for them. We offer: -on farm sales of our pastured organic eggs -farm tours -on-farm farm-to-table events with most all ingredients sourced from our organic farm or a neighbors farm My mission: To provide organic, high-quality, flavorful and nutrient-dense blueberries, pastured meats and eggs for consumption within a 100 mile radius of Pierce County, Washington.

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