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Broken Magnolia is a small family run farm. We raise specialty garlic, herbs, vegetables and goats and chickens. While we are not a certified organic farm, we do use only organic methods. We are currently working toward making our practices more sustainable. The goats are currently the major focus of our operation. We purchased our first batch of "brush" goats in July of 2008. In Aug. of 2009 we purchased a 100% Kiko buck and we continued to use 100% Kiko bucks until 2016. Our aim was to move our doe herd toward excellent parasite resistance, good mothering, good hooves and low input needs. In 2016 we changed to Myotonic bucks to add better meat to bone ratio and for superior mothering. Over this time we have been adding fences so that we can rotate the herd to better utilize our forage and decrease the parasite load. Our current herd is now completely on forage for the majority of the year. We have not purchased goat feed in over 2 years. We buy one large roll of hay for the late winter/early spring kidding season. We only worm when necessary. We have not trimmed a hoof in two years. Our 2020 kidding season (our current buck is a Myotonic/Kiko/Brush cross) is just wrapping up. 21 does have kidded on pasture with shelter available and we havena???t had to assist at a single birth. We sell goats for breeding stock and meat.

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