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Anchor Light Farm was founded by Derek and Megan O'Toole in 2012. It is a 34 acre parcel in the heart of Peth Village. At Anchor Light, we use horse power in all of our vegetable production. We also use our team to move the chicken houses, log and haul firewood, and maintain the land. They are at the center of our farming practice, consuming the hay that grows on the land, and in turn fertilizing the fields and vegetables. They also have a remarkably low impact on the land. All other systems on the farm are powered by the sun. In 2014 we installed 7.3 kW of solar panels on the farm to provide power to the house, barns, and fencing systems. We are a small, community minded CSA and market farm, with an emphasis on producing fresh, high quality produce for our customers. We raise whole red broiler chickens, who have plenty of space to forage and grow like chickens should. Our laying hens have free range of the land, which allows them to produce rich, high quality eggs.

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