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Burr Oak Produce: BOP A Natures' Way Farm - Nestled on a high sand basin within the coulee region hills of Wisconsin's drift-less region of 7 Rivers The farm philosophy: Work with nature to develop an environmentally sound farm which leaves the land, water, plants, and animals healthy and productive for all future generations. OUR business PHILOSOPHY We hold all of our members products, and the work done to produce them, to these values Food production systems shall be modeled after, and integrated into, the natural environment, to provide environmental, social and economic returns greater than systems designed out of context with nature. Locally produced foods are superior to foods grown a great distance from where they will be consumed due to freshness and the reduction in energy required to transport them to their destination. The nutritional quality of the food and quality of water a person or animal consumes has a substantial impact on their overall health and quality of life. Our society needs to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels as rapidly as possible (immediately), with the goal of developing an economic system that no longer relies on fossil fuels. Individual and business purchase decisions have a tremendous effect on the direction our economy takes, therefore it is important that the social and environmental impact of each purchase be considered, in addition to the economic cost. This many times involves making tough decisions, with no clearly right answer, but as more businesses begin to employ full cost accounting it will become easier to see the benefits of one product over another. Sometimes the decision becomes easier still: don't buy anything not produced locally or nationally. Happy people work more effectively, and have fewer health problems, than people who are unhappy; therefore it is economically prudent, not to mention socially essential, for a business to strive to maximize the quality of life of all its employees. Providing a healthy work environment is essential. Businesses are not people. Individuals have inalienable rights that must be respected and protected; businesses have a responsibility to society to provide worthwhile products in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of individual people, or the earths eco-systems. A healthy society avoids concentrations of power in the hands of only a few, and maximizes the free exchange of diverse ideas among all its citizens. These ideas are as important in the business world, as they are for a democratic government, because they increase the ability of a business to find new revenue streams and adapt to changing market conditions while maximizing the productivity of each employee because of their sense of ownership in the company. "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi Our mission: Provide fresh high quality all naturally grown food for our community and foster biodynamic farming and gardening methods with educational programs on NWF farms. Fresh Food Burr Oak Produce has your Fresh Biodynamically grown food you can pickup on the farm or at a local farmers' market. We encourage you to stop by our Natures' Way farm, make us your source for fresh biodynamically grown food during the summer growing season. Also make us your source for bulk produce, and preserving healthy first level foods for winter and spring use. Locally grown is better for you preserved, and better for your local economy and the environment. HISTORY Our Burr Oak farm site was purchased in 1969 by my father after selling the family dairy farm. During the 60's & 70's very involved in science, biology and land conservation in school, I brought these interests home to rest. I left home to return 20 years the later and started what is now Burr Oak Produce. The farm business has had its ups and downs over the years but the land stands true. We used to pay for the organic certification, for small farms it is a waste of money. Most of our customers 99%+ we meet face to face. That's the best certification you can get, to meet and get to know your supplier and see the operation. We are self certified organic, naturally grown, come out and work with us on the farm and learn the facts of life.

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