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Blue Stone Farm is a small family farm in Otsego, Michigan, situated in glacial hills adjacent to the Kalamazoo River. We established our farm with a fundamental goal of sustainability: sustaining the health of the local community that eats our produce, sustaining the ecological health of our land, and sustaining the livelihood of our small farm. We focus on growing the most delicious varieties of produce, and using growing practices that improve the quality and biological vitality of the soil, like green manure cover crops and composting. Blue Stone Farm does not use chemical pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. We are not "organic," because this term is owned by the USDA, and we have chosen not to be certified through them, but we do follow organically-approved practices. In addition to selling at farmers markets, we offer a CSA program that provides members with a diverse basket of food every week of the growing season.

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