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We are an organic farm and produce delivery business, cultivating and distributing our good food to you. Our history is rooted in a successful Community Supported Agriculture program, and although we've moved into a farm-to-table program, working to distribute produce and products from a variety of sources as well as our farm, the same traditions and values direct our practice today. With actual crops nestled throughout 400 acres of organic farmland, Full Circle Farm grows 150 varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs, then delivers them to people hungry for the best tasting, healthiest food possible on a weekly basis. Each week, Full Circle brings the best in farm-fresh, locally-sourced, and sustainably-grown fruits, veggies and all-natural artisan products directly to your door. We connect you to and support local growers, small family farms and food systems. All the while making it easy for you to save time, money, and live the good food life. If you like your local farmers market and alternatives to industrial food, then you��?ll love Full Circle.

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