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For INDIVIDUAL Offered or PACKAGED Deals Special go to our website LISTS OF PRODUCTS BISON Ground Bison Bison Hotdogs Bison Steaks Bison Roast Bison Brat BEEF Ground Beef Ribeye Steak Ribeye Roast Sirloin Steak Porter House Steak Beef Roast London Broil Quarter of Beef Half of Beef CHICKEN Whole Chicken Chicken Thigh Bone In & Boneless Chicken Breast Chicken Wings Chicken Leg Quarter PORK Baby Back Ribs Pork Chops Pork loin Roast Boston Butt Fresh Bacon Pork Tenderloin Ground Whole Hog Sausage Medium or Hot Scrapple Liver SEAFOODS Shrimps Scallop Crab Cakes Fish Fillet Oyster OTHERS Butter Eggs Full Line of Home Grown Local Produce and CSA Boroughsland Farm has been a continually run family operation since 1924. Currently, Robert Boroughs takes care of his friends and customers at the Farmers Markets as well as those that buy directly from the farm. His brother, Elwood, raises the fresh produce, cuts hay & helps with the livestock. Rudy, the nephew, helps with harvesting the crops, helps care for the livestock, & assists at the markets. Eugene Ripplinger partners with his Bison & helps with other livestock & sales. Our meats have no growth hormones or added antibiotics. Our meats have no carbon monoxide nor salt water injections. According to "Mother Earth News", when you buy meats from the store, you may be buying up to 30% salt water injections; therefore getting 30% less meat! We can meet your needs year round with special pricing on meats, seafood, produce, eggs, chicken, cheeses & more. We also have available, for purchase, whole hogs, 1/2 hogs, & split sides of beef for your freezer. My customers call and place their order & I have it ready in a few days for pick-up or delivery. You can also find us at several local Farmers Markets.

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