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At Funny Girl Farm, we are committed to growing the best fruits and vegetables we can in a way that nourishes and preserves our environment. Visit our farmstand for sustainably-grown produce, eggs and local products. Great crops come from great soil, and we continually aim to build a healthy soil rich in organic matter using both compost and organically approved fertilizers. We use only non-GMO seeds and often source heirloom seeds specific to our region. We also employ methods of crop rotation in order to prevent the buildup of disease and unwanted insects, and plant cover crops to allow the soil to rest while providing for erosion control, beneficial insect habitat, and many other various benefits. While we are not certified organic, we follow organic practices and choose only OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved materials while following the principles of Integrated Pest Management. If you have questions about our practices, we are more than happy to share in a rich conversation about them with you. Good health and sustainability - for our customers, for ourselves, and for our environment - is of the utmost importance to us.

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