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Gee Creek Farm is community of people who care about what they eat and how it is grown. Our farm is located on two pieces of property, both near Ridgefield, WA - a little north of Vancouver, WA. We grow and sell vegetables, grain and grain products, prepared foods, fruit and herbs and herbal medicinals, to farm members, at farmer's markets throughout the Portland Metro region. We are a short 20 minute drive north of Portland, fairly close to I-5. We have been farming here since 1998 and have many years farming experience growing crops and livestock. This year we will be offering a CSA membership and food co-op program through our farm. We produce a wide variety of crops, primarily vegetables and some fruit, all grown naturally, marketing them to both wholesale and retail customers. If you have shopped at any of the local organic food stores in town, it is more than likely you have purchased food we have grown. In the future we hope to add livestock; maybe chickens for eggs and dairy cows to produce certified organic raw milk from grass fed cows rotationally grazed. Until this year, our only our retail distribution to the public was through the farmers' markets in the Portland Metro area. Please see a list below of the farmers markets we participate in, their locations, days of operation and seasons. Our farm is 100% drip irrigated with well water, saving a whopping 90% of the precious fresh water normally used in conventional irrigation. Drip irrigation puts the water where the plant needs it, at the roots, virtually eliminating the chance that coliform bacteria, like deadly E. coli, can get spread on the leaves. This is unlike what can happen with traditional overhead irrigation using surface water. Other measures we take to make our farm environmentally friendly include; the use of bio-diesel in our farm equipment and vehicles, and the reuse and recycling of packaging and irrigation tapes wherever possible. Also, our farm is proud to pay a living wage to our farm laborers. We pay by the hour and significantly above minimum wage as opposed to the industry standard of piece work, as there is no minimum wage law for seasonal agricultural workers. We explain to our customers that we must charge slightly higher prices to cover our higher labor costs. The extra efforts and expenses we invest in our land and people help to ensure the sustainability agriculture survives in this country and allows our customers and members to eat the most wholesome fresh produce available, grown with care, integrity, pride and compassion.

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