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We are Dirty Dog Organics; a community based family farm. (check our website and FaceBook page for CSA information) We never set out to be farmers. Farming came due to our passion for healthy eating and lifestyle combined with our extreme love of cooking. To know exactly what is in our food and where it came from is vital to us. That along with how to prepare it for vitality seems so basic to us. Farming connects us to the miraculous cycle of nourishment from starting a seed in a bit of soil, to it flourishing into something we eat, cooking it and sharing it with loved ones, and then having seeds to start all over again. For us, being responsible farmers is also our personal protest against our Country's current conventional farming system. It is the one thing we feel we can do that truly makes a positive difference within our community and our planet. After leaving leaving my career as a Nurse to home-school our children, being a farmer has created many educational opportunities. Sharing my farming knowledge with my children is the most enriching experience I have ever had. Understanding mother earth through farming helps them grow beautiful souls. I teach them sensibility through seeding, treating carefully the first growing leaves, responsibility watering the plants every day and gratitude while harvesting. We are proud to be stewards of the land. We farm on our homestead which has been in our family since the 1940's. Farming keeps us humble; it has allowed us to open our farm (homestead) and hearts to our wonderful community. As farmers with such close connections to the people we provide food to within our community, it creates an incredible responsibility for us. We are not able to hide behind labels, at a desk, in another state or possibly another country. Therefore, we will always strive to sustain our community through wholesome nourishment and positive enrichment. We hope to see you all at the farm! The Cash Family

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